About us

Some island scholars have dedicated themselves to the island's defensive system and in particular to the location of the towers along the Ischian coasts.
From these analyses it emerged that where today the hotel Bellavista welcomes its guests once a defensive construction controlled all the glimpse of view between Sant'Angelo and Panza. It was a strategic point both from the panoramic point of view and of rest and refreshment for the panzesi that to work the land or sell their products they headed along the old road that Condceva to suck and to St. Angelo.

The hospitality of the family of undo has a long history, was born in the 70s when the "Casa Trippachiatt " welcomed the teachers from the mainland during the winter and some tourists during the summer periods directly in the family making him live the Everyday traditions and flavors Ischia.

At the beginning of the eighties the structure is enlarged and enriched by a thermal swimming-pool discovered and since then the name is changed in "Casa Bellavista" at the suggestion of a loyal Swiss guest who defined her as "her house Bellavista".

In 2001, after about 10 years during which the structure was given in dense to other genstione, Rosario d ' undo and the sons Enrico and Daniele resume the activity by making uleriori changes to the structure giving the beginning of a path that lasts for 17 years.  
Today Daniel with his family continues the tradition for the third generation trying to preserve the warmth and atmosphere of "home" for all its guests.
The goal is to "sew to measure" the holiday in Ischia with suggestions and advice on what to visit or do according to the needs expressed by the same tourist, for an experience of total relaxation or a holiday to discover trails and beaches not many Known and far from the masses.
With the restaurant characterized by simple, fresh and quality dishes The hotel Bellavista shows its character distintiv